Mare Geraerts

Former PhD student

Biology: Evolution and Behaviour

Joined the group in November 2017

Research project: Reconstructing Nile tilapia stocking in Africa: parasites, next- generation-sequencing and museum collections.

I’m working on a project dealing with the reconstruction of Nile tilapia stocking in Africa and the consequences of these introductions on native fish fauna. Specifically, I am focussing on the consequences related to parasite co-introduction and transmission. In one part of this project, I will try to unravel the origins of Nile Tilapia introductions in Central Africa using museum collections and next-generation sequencing techniques. In a second part, I will try to assess whether the introduction of Nile tilapia has led to the introduction of alien parasites, and in particular monogenean flatworms, and whether these parasites have managed to switch from Nile tilapia to local fish and vice versa.

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